God Knows Best!

Joy, Peace, & Surprise

It’s so beautiful outside! It’s not sweltering with heat and thick with humidity. Watching Cecelia and Margaret play together brings me so much joy and peace. When we first found out we were pregnant with Margaret we were excited, but also wondering what life would be like with two babies so close in age. The girls are about ten months apart.

Surprise blessing!

God Always Knows!

God knew and always knows exactly what He is doing. The girls are growing closer by the day and their bond is unbreakable. They definitely know what it means to be sisters. One moment they are best friends and then a few minutes later they’re pushing each other’s buttons.

Challenging Moments Mixed With Joyful Moments

Does my patience get tested? Absolutely. Am I worn out by the end of the day and even sometimes sooner than the end of the day? Definitely! Are all the challenging moments mixed in with the joyful moments worth it? Yes, 100%! I love being a mom to our energetic toddlers! God is so good! Happy Tuesday!

Cecelia loves playing in our backyard!

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