A Toddler Trick

Gorgeous Weather in June

It started out as a beautiful 69 degree day this morning! Feels like Spring again even though we are quickly approaching Summer. Thank you God for this gorgeous weather in June! After getting the girls’ diapers changed, dressing them, feeding them and getting myself ready, we headed outside to play.

Running Out of Bubbles

Cecelia’s bubble mower was out of bubbles so I decided to give a try at making homemade bubbles. I believe the recipe is geared more for using a bubble wand and blowing bubbles but I’m hoping if I get the right amount, that it’ll work in the bubble mower.

What is Margaret Doing?

While concentrating on making the bubble solution for Cecelia, Margaret was busy! I assumed that she was in the living room. I walk past the breakfast room and do a double take. She had managed to get herself in her highchair even though the tray was on it! She had climbed on the chair and table and then moved over to her high chair! So glad she didn’t fall! I definitely took this as a sign she was ready for lunch! Don’t worry! I feed the girls lol

So that’s how my morning went. I’m not quite sure what the afternoon will hold lol

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  1. These little kiddos can be tricksters! That is so crazy that she was able to get in the high chair herself, they sure do keep us on our toes!!

    1. Yes, definitely!

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